Video Game Inspired Sample Pack

For my first sample pack, I decided to do something related to my love for the WII background musics, this smooth, sometimes joyful, sometimes nostalgic ambience that I hope will resonate within you !

To create it, I used my beloved Prophet 6 synthesizer, sometimes using the effects of the synth, usually delays, phasers, ring modulator and sometimes passing it through an Eventide Space reverb pedal.

As treatment, I balanced the resonances, smoothed it all with soothe2, compressed it a bit sometimes and that's it, I tried to remain as clean as possible to the hardware sound.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this pack !

This pack contains :

  • 159¬†Short inputs inspired sounds using sines, resonant transients, bubbly FXs and Old School type of chords.
  • 16 Chord loops.
  • 21 Sine lullaby loops.
  • 32 Cute melodies.
  • 15 Background ambient samples.
  • 19 Old School chord pads.
  • 20 Modern ambient pads.

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