Flesh / Mind

This sample pack is separated in two themes :

The Flesh focuses on sounds inside the human body, there you will find saturated basses invoking echography pulses as well as gurgles and beat sequences.

Those sounds are very textural and often revolve around the use of sine distortion which is the key in my opinion for fleshy samples.

The Mind. is much more ambient and amphibious. The samples there are much more complex in their textures and effects and overall very ambient.

I hope this sample pack will inspire you in your productions !

This pack contains :

  • 114 Fleshy Rhythmics, from chaotic sequences to heartbeat like loops and short samples.
  • 43 Prophet 6 samples, varying from ambient bubbly and oceanic chords using the polymod on the cutoff and clicky sequences.
  • 6 Ethereal and plucky samples on which you can add 10 variations of these samples using Dillon Bastan amazing sample manipulation plugin, Data.Train.
  • 1 Long aquatic sequence made using Phase Plant by Kilohearts

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