Textures and Spaces Vol. 1

This free sample pack is a collection of sounds focused on attracting the listeners attention to it's details. 

I used three of my external gears for this pack :

- ChaseBliss MOOD pedal for buggy and bit rate saturated FXs.
- A Leaf Audio Microphonic Soundbox MKII for very "next to the ear" scratches and knocks and resonant horror like fx's.
- A pad and a bass from the Prophet 6 using the input of the Leaf Audio Box to use it's saturation to create textures, as well as, some modulated sequences to create rhythmics in different spaces.

I hope this pack will inspire you to play around the different spaces and the sensations created by the textures, some can feel ASMR and others, more like nails on a chalkboard. Have fun !

This pack contains :

  • 27 MOOD pedal glitched FXs.
  • 64 Dry Microphonic Soundbox sounds composed of Knocks, Scratches and metallic Rubs.
  • 99 Spaced Microphonic Soundbox samples composed of Knocks, Scratches, metallic Rubs and Kalimba sounds in 3 different Eventide Space Reverb algorithms (Hall, Room, Blackhole).
  • 7 Prophet 6 sounds of Bass and Pad through the input of the Microphonic Soundbox.
  • 61 Rhythmics using the Prophet 6.

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